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ANDEGRA company consists of enthusiasts with bulk of valuable experience and skills, who have a critical mind also. Because of these qualities our specialists can find the solution to any of your problem. Our personal managers professional skills allows us to keep all the chain elements functioning on the very high level. The organization of our labor on this high level helps us to save your expensive time. The company works in the field of development and implementation of the original transportation services in the scope of international transportation of cargo 

– Consolidated, full and oversized, using all means of transport.

The best solution for your business!

Our personal managers professional skills allows us to keep all the chain elements functioning on the very high level.

Road transportation

This type of transportation is one of the most optimal and fastest way to transport your cargo from point A to B. Cargo transportation by land starts directly from the sender address to the final recipient address.  Moreover, body of the vehicle is protected  with the senders seal which is removed only after the cargo is transferred to the recipient. Also, for your comfort, we are ready to report you “Online/Live” the recent location of your loads.

Transportation map

  • From EU countries to Russia and backwards
  • From EU countries to Kazakhstan and backwards
  • From EU to the Republic of Belarus
  • Transportation inside Russia
  • Transportation inside Kazakhstan

We carry cargoes of various weight, select transport in the shortest time you need. Our managers will find and offer the right solution for you. The expedition is on a daily basis, so we can ensure the safety of your cargo.

Less than truckload shipping LTL

This type of transportation means you can ship small amount cargos at a rational cost, because shipping cost is shared between all the cargo holders. You will pay for the actually occupied place in the body of the vehicle.

We ship cargos from EU to any location in CIS Countries, also inside the Russia and Kazakhstan. In addition to this, we are holding consolidation warehouses in the main Russian cities, so we can easily optimize our logistics services.

By ordering this service you will be able to store the goods in the warehouse, all the cargo will be selected according to your order, your cargo will be insured, all the documents will be returned.

We also provide transportation services to the following remote regions of the Russian Federation:

Kamchatsky Region, Republic of Buryatia, Republic of Saha (Yakutia), Sakhalin Oblast, Irkutsk Oblast, Khabarovsk Region, Chitinsky District.

Warehousing services

To ensure convenience in reaching your delivery goals our company offers warehouse services in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, also in Lithuania and Kazakstan

We take into account the needs of each client and choose individual solutions.

We offer you:

Labeling of all stored loads

  • Various storage systems: rack warehouse, small cargo storage, floor rack, etc.
  • All cross-docking operations
  • Stock inventory according to your needs
  • Reporting in a convenient form for you
  • Selection and complication would be delayed or isolated

Our process is fully tooled and safe. Although, we enhance our warehouse technical and software support all the time to enshure completelly adjusted transportation process.

Railway transportation

This type of transportation is most effective  because of shipping frequency, huge geography  and high speed. Correlation of mentioned advantages makes railway transportation the most preferable among the clients.

We are glad to offer full transportation service by railway from Europe to Russia, CIS and backwards. Railwaytransportation service includes:

  • Consultation on railway transportation organizational and registration questions
  • Cargo binding on the railway platforms and carriage control
  • Full necessary transportation paperwork
  • Railway rate estimation and transportation route optimization
  • The most suitable rolling-stock selection
  • Cargo dispatch and transportation full documentation escort
  • Loading and unloading operations organization by means of necessary equipment
  • Cargo transportation monitoring on the way
  • Ability for clients to monitor cargo online, including arrival date and time
  • Additional cargo insurance

If there is urgent necessity to transport cargo to the farther inhabited locality, we can offer “from door to door” service.

Air transportation

Air transport is the fastest way to transport freight worldwide.

It is very useful to choose this service if your cargo is expensive, small or it has to be transported to a distant country in a very short time.

We offer the following air transportation services:

  • Transportation of the loads from / to all over the world;
  • Load set–up for transportation;
  • Special flight planning;
  • Additional cargo load insurance.
Sea transportation

Our company is glad to offer international sea transportation as one of the multimodal cargo transportation steps. Transportation by sea can be combined with over types of transportation like railway, land or air. Thereby, we can offer you combined transportation to optimize your costs and route.

Transportation by sea includes these services:

  • Cargo delivery from providers warehouse to the sender’s port
  • Loading to the separate container FCL using 20 feet and 40 feet containers
  • Sea transportation needed documents collection
  • Various standards container shipment to the Southeast Asia, USA and Europe

Additional services if needed: cargo insurance and escort; “from door to door” transportation; individual transportation scheme development


Custom broker services

ANDEGRA company offers custom clearance services in the Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Vilnius and Almaty. Our high-level custom service team ensures control of your cargo custom clearance. Also, we have partners in other cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

 Custom clearance service includes:

  • Cargo custom clearance consultation
  • Cargo classification by the CCFEA and customs fee calculation
  • Consultation on the other special permissive documentation
  • Custom clearance paperwork preparation
  • Export and transit declaration clearance
  • Clients interests representation in the custom
  • TIR carnet and CMR invoices paperwork


  • Constant control
  • Fast delivery
  • Customs transportation control
  • High reliability levels and transport safety
  • Minimum risk of cargo damage
  • If you need to transport the goods immediately, order the air transport service to minimize the delivery guidelines. With all the information you need about your cargo, ANDEGRA company managers will provide you the best solution.

The best solution for your business!

ANDEGRA is pleased to collaborate with our partners and wish our current and future partners success in their business!

Your logistics partner!

We seek partnership with our company to allow You to optimize Your shipping costs and improve the efficiency of Your business.


Our mission

Become a Reliable Business Support by Providing Professional Service in Transportation and Logistics to Meet International Quality Standards.

Organizing and adjusting all stages of cargo delivery, optimizing costs, controlling delivery terms, doing everything to help Your business develop successfully.

An invaluable experience, talent and willingness to perform your work impeccably deliver a variety of cargoes at minimal cost and on time.

We never stop at the place, we progress every day, constantly raise the qualifications of our employees, and distribute the opportunities of the company in the field of cargo transportation.

Every customer at any moment can find out his cargo status. All this is combined with our comprehensive service and high service levels.

We seek partnership with our company to allow You to optimize Your shipping costs and improve the efficiency of Your business.

ANDEGRA is pleased to collaborate with our partners and wish our current and future partners success in their business!

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